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  • "South Oxfordshire Crematorium and Memorial Park, which opened in January 2015, is an excellent new facility serving parts of Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire. The chapel is a suitable size for the majority of funerals and the hourly spacing of services adds greatly to the experience of everyone using it, whether bereaved families, funeral directors or those taking funeral services, because that "conveyor belt" feeling which comes elsewhere with more frequent services or from twin chapels on the same site, has been removed. Inevitably one or two teething troubles are being ironed out as would be the case in any new facility. The costs of the various services offered are very competitive, but I consider the most outstanding feature is the staff team. They are extremely considerate, efficient, compassionate, sensitive and flexible."
    CG, February 2015
  • "Immaculate with the right atmosphere, very warm and caring, Funeral Director made us thoroughly aware of the additional services."
    JD, February 2015
  • "I feel I must let you know how well you and your team made a difficult and almost disastrous funeral into a joyous and happy event. Your staff and myself worked out how we would arrange the service, they were all so calm as if it was a daily happening, I hid what I was thinking but was soothed by tea and calmness...
    I applaud your team...
    RHB, February 2015
  • "It was a very appropriate setting and everything went very smoothly."
    LE, February 2015
  • "Together with the Funeral Director (Co-operative Grove) and yourselves with your beautiful setting we felt out Mum had the best send off possible. Many thanks."
    JP, March 2015
  • "April was very helpful and sympathetic. She allowed us to do things our way even though it wasn't exactly entirely conventional. I know you are a business but don't get like other crematoriums which feel like a money making conveyor belt."
    DW, March 2015
  • "What a beautiful setting to say goodbye to a loved one. Your chapel is beautifully decorated and has a lovely feel about it."
    Anon., March 2015
  • "It could not have been better. Perfect in every way. The facilities are wonderful and the staff are very friendly and welcoming, it was a pleasure to return even on the day of the funeral and to collect the ashes."
    PL, March 2015
  • "Although it was such a sad occasion, we were very pleased with how everything was handled at the crematorium and the staff were extremely helpful and caring. Thank you."
    HSH, April 2015
  • "A beautiful light homely feeling. Clean and tidy and very pretty. A lovely place to say Goodbye."
    Anon., May 2015
  • "Everything about the Service exceeded expectations by a considerable margin. A really big thank you and 'Well done' to all involved."
    Anon., May 2015
  • "Very nice surroundings and setting. Does not feel like a place of death and gloom."
    MH, June 2015
  • "Special thanks to George who was so helpful - the last funeral on Thursday."
    BM, June 2015
  • "Thank you for making a very sad occasion go in such a caring and respectful way. We were taken care of through the service and I would like to say, 'Thank you ' to everyone. X."
    SH, June 2015
  • "Very clean , beautifully decorated stylish room. Thank you for your help with the funeral. Everything was well managed and worked very well."
    Anon., June 2015
  • "I just wanted to say thank you to the staff who handled Ron Ellis' funeral and scattering of his ashes. I looked after Ron (Ronnie as I called him!) for the last three years and it was hard watching him deteriorate. He held his dignity right to the last day and thanks to you, he still held it after his passing. The scattering of his ashes today was lovely. My 8 year old son was desperate to help Ronnie on his final journey and you made it very easy and reassuring for him. I'll miss him every day but I'll be back to put some flowers down on his birthday in September. Thank you again, Nikki Smith"
    NS, June 2015
  • "G's service was a truly beautiful and uplifting experience. She was a remarkable lady and at the time of planning her funeral with the funeral director, your crematorium did not exist. It was the Minister who suggested we hold the service with yourselves, I'm so glad we did, it was her. She would have loved the grounds, particularly the water features!

    G had suggested in her original plan to go to the Oxford Crematorium where her parents and two brothers remains are scattered. I brought her remaining brother (90) and his wife to visit before the service and they both commented that they preferred your site, in fact they are thinking of changing their funeral plans.

    As her friend and her executor and I made all her arrangements, as her siblings are very old, her sister is 92 whilst her brother is 90 years old, however, I feel it is only right to discuss everything with them first. Selfishly, I would prefer South Oxfordshire as I feel it more a reflection of my dear friend then the Oxford site and I know I would visit more often.
    Anon., July 2015
  • "A lovely location, peaceful and unhurried experience."
    Anon., July 2015
  • "Everybody was very courteous and supportive and the crematorium is very nice and will be a nicer once the landscaping matures."
    Anon., July 2015
  • "What a lovely peaceful place, the staff are outstanding and understanding."
    Anon., August 2015
  • "Please accept our deepest gratitude and appreciation for making our father's funeral service just as he would have wanted. We were truly overwhelmed."
    D, August 2015
  • "Thank you for letting us make our own plan for a dignified service, for a very special lady."
    Anon., September 2015
  • "I could only give you the highest of praise for everything you did for me and the family at the cremation of my wife, Catherine. Thank you again for your excellent service."
    DL, October 2015
  • "Just want to thank you for all your help, you have been so helpful and understanding. The client said to me that she is far more settled knowing the service is with yourselves and in such a lovely setting, she knows her husband would have approved and allowed her to give him the send-off that both had planned for him. So thank you, you really have made everything run as smoothly, professionally and fulfilled the family's wishes."
    NS, October 2015
  • "The Crematorium provided a beautiful setting for our thanks giving service. George the manager was wonderful; respectful, kind & attentive - nothing was too much trouble, to ensure all the queries we had were answered. Thank you"
    DL, October 2015
  • "I would just like to say how impressed I was, alongside may others who attended the service, with South Oxfordshire Crematorium and Memorial Park and to thank you and all who helped there, both before and on the day, to make John's funeral such a special occasion and a memorable place to say a final goodbye to my brother who was so special to me."
    JJ, October 2015
  • "The surroundings are stunning and tranquil, the service is exceptional, nothing was too much trouble. Thank you for all your help."
    AP, November 2015
  • "A Calm and Serene atmosphere with very helpful staff."
    PJ, November 2015
  • "Really glad I chose your crematorium, tastefully decorated and beautiful surroundings really helped make it a special day to be remembered and treasured."
    Anon., December 2015
  • "Having spoken to the staff at the crematorium regarding the webcam and DVD I must say how helpful and kind they were at such a difficult time."
    Anon., January 2016
  • "We appreciated that the timings were more relaxed than in Oxford. George and the team were very helpful, no questions were left unanswered."
    JC, January 2016
  • "I was very impressed with the site, facilities, feel and in particular the chapel. Once grounds are established it'll be 100%. Staff excellent and sympathetic. Would highly recommend."
    AS, February 2016
  • "The Venue for my father's funeral was excellent. Thank you for your support."
    DRB, February 2016
  • "Very kind and considerate handling from all involved. "
    MC, February 2016
  • "A sad day - but also a wonderful way to say Goodbye - Would recommend you to anyone, Thank you so much."
    KR, February 2016
  • "Beautiful Clean Facilities. Very Happy with Level of service. Thank you for a well organised service and excellent facilities. A small communication blip between Wesley, Crematorium and Funeral Director re our requirements but on site staff April and George were wonderful. The 1 hour slot as standard was excellent, no one felt they were on a conveyor belt. Everything worked perfectly."
    Thank you Clare, Alistair & Mark, February 2016
  • "I would like to express our sincere thanks for your professionalism and care taken in making my Mother's funeral at South Oxfordshire Crematorium. Everything went off like clockwork and even the weather played its part, so thank you once again."
    P, March 2016
  • "We cannot thank you enough for the kindness and thoughtfulness you showed before and during the funeral of our daughter Ailsa. The whole service was well organised and we did appreciate how all friends and family were looked after. With very best wishes. "
    Anon., March 2016
  • "I was very pleased with the calm and peaceful atmosphere. We were not hurried at any point. Everyone was kind and helpful."
    Anon., April 2016
  • "Beautiful, peaceful surroundings and good facilities."
    Anon., April 2016
  • "A very Beautiful ,peaceful setting. We shall visit in the Summer."
    Anon., April 2016
  • "Excellent Setting, Lovely relaxed service."
    Anon., April 2016
  • "The service for Mum was lovely - and the photo tribute worked very well. Thanks for your AV/music team for putting it together. We were all particularly pleased with the photo tribute - it really helped to bring back to mind Mum as she was."
    NR, May 2016
  • "Excellent, friendly service, much appreciated at a sad time. Thank you."
    Anon., May 2016
  • "We were extremely happy with the facilities and arrangements which were dignified and respectful."
    Anon., May 2016
  • "We were very impressed with all aspects, way beyond our expectations. It made all the difference at a difficult time, the crematorium and lovely countryside settings emit a sense of peace, Thank you. "
    DR, June 2016
  • "I would like to say how people were very kind, also it was a lovely service and giving my husband a nice service."
    PAH, June 2016
  • "The service was lovely and the fitting tribute to our beloved mother. The Crematorium is beautiful in a lovely peaceful location and we were happy despite the sad situation."
    HH & SS, July 2016
  • "We definitely made the right choice, lovely new building with pretty surroundings and very nice set up. All together fresh and modern."
    Anon., July 2016
  • "The whole service although very small, was very nice, and did not feel morbid, very comforting."
    Anon., August 2016
  • "Set in lovely countryside, we are lucky to have this facility nearby, the larger Crematoriums at Oxford and Swindon don't offer the personal feel that South Oxfordshire has."
    Anon., August 2016
  • "Excellent facilities, Very helpful and Kind."
    SR, August 2016
  • "The facilities were clean and tidy. We were very happy with the level of service. The Park was quiet and our small party was very private, thank you."
    NM, August 2016
  • "We found the location to be very peaceful and comforting and the grounds beautifully looked after. Considering the circumstances, our visit was very well managed. Ample parking, so all visitors were easily accommodated. The chapel was very welcoming and peaceful."
    Anon., August 2016
  • "The staff were so kind and considerate, especially the lovely Derek, he couldn't have been more supportive to me as I was pretty tearful. A lovely place and lovely staff."
    HC, September 2016
  • "A nice quiet and peaceful experience, very dignified and perfect."
    DB, September 2016
  • "We found the web cast link very good, people really appreciated being able to see the service live. "
    NK, September 2016
  • "The wonderful Surroundings both in and out of the building played a big part in helping us through our family day. We were treated as family and not as clients / customers."
    Anon., September 2016
  • "This is to thank you for your assistance during my Mothers recent cremation. It is a lovely setting and your staff and the Funeral Directors helped to make a difficult time more bearable. The facilities were very clean and tidy and the level of service was excellent. You have our permission to publish our comments Also, I would like to attend the Christmas Carol service on 14th December. "
    Anon., September 2016
  • "I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for your help and support during the arrangements for the service that was held on behalf of one of my families for their daughter. The support you gave before during and after was second to none and as it was a full and overflowing chapel, I saw how much you did to ensure everyone was supported and included. I have worked with my professionals within this field of work, and you offer something unique, a quality level of support and consistent service that is second to none and do so with calm, professionalism, when I know at times how busy you are. Being new to working in Oxfordshire and Berks it has been a delight to work with you all in this way on the services I have been officiating at. "
    Anon., September 2016
  • "Lovely alternative to the crematorium at Oxford."
    Anon., September 2016
  • "We as a family are very grateful for the caring and compassionate service we received. The crematorium is a beautiful setting and the whole experience was truly up lifting. Thank you."
    Anon., October 2016
  • "We thought the surroundings are beautiful and the chapel had a very peaceful and tranquil atmosphere at a very difficult time."
    AC, October 2016
  • "A beautiful place to leave our loved one. The view from the window are beautiful and very calming. Thank you for make our experience more bearable."
    PM, October 2016
  • "We were very happy with your service."
    DW, October 2016
  • "Very Helpful staff in the office - when collecting the ashes - wish I had dealt with them first and not the undertakers! "
    Anon., October 2016
  • "You gave a wonderful service, so kind to us all and I'm sure Paul would have been so happy we was with him. Thank you again, All our love."
    LS, October 2016
  • "I was very pleased with how my late wife's final journey was taken. Although a very sad day between the funeral parlour and yourselves it was a day I can look back on with fond memories. My wife was a fun loving girl and so was her funeral."
    Anon., October 2016
  • "Very pleased with all the service, it's a beautiful restful crematorium and memorial park."
    Anon., November 2016
  • "All round very Satisfied, Peaceful environment and caring attention."
    Anon., November 2016
  • "A nice setting and access, and good visual memories of a difficult day."
    Anon., November 2016
  • "Thank you, with such a unique situation of a double funeral, you made such a tragic and difficult day. What both of them would have wanted. From all of us thank you again."
    Anon., November 2016
  • "We were very pleased that we Brought our uncle to South Oxfordshire Crematorium. The premises were immaculate & the staff very accommodating & helpful."
    Anon., November 2016
  • "A wonderful serene and peaceful setting. Restricting the number of funerals to one per hour avoids the awful conveyor belt experience at other crematoria. Provision of a choir backing a great asset with a small congregation."
    Anon., November 2016
  • "Very professional, and sensitive at a particularly emotional time. Thank you"
    Anon., November 2016
  • "Everything was very nicely handled, thank you."
    Anon., December 2016
  • "It was a very dignified and personalised arrangement carried out with kindness and consideration. Thank you."
    Anon., January 2017
  • "I would like to thank you all for the professionalism shown over the interment of my mother's ashes at the beginning of January. We all appreciate your help and the guidance which has been given throughout our whole first experience of the crematorium and memorial park."
    GB, January 2017
  • "We were very happy with the service we received. We didn't felt rushed. The organist was very good and produced a piece of music for the closing of the curtains which fitted very well with the rest of the music we chose."
    Anon., January 2017
  • "The Crematorium at Garford is very impressive with its attractive design, setting peaceful, accessible location. The features and facilities of the building are exceptionally well considered."
    GB, January 2017
  • "This venue was perfect, kind helpful staff in a beautiful setting. Our family was allowed out privacy but with their support. It was a pleasant 'closure' for a sad occasion Many thanks."
    CP, January 2017
  • "Lovely serene chapel."
    DC, January 2017
  • "We Were Very impressed with everything From beginning to end and we will definitely recommend you and your services, Many Thanks. "
    Anon., January 2017
  • "A very peaceful idyllic location, definitely will recommend you to friends & family."
    Anon., February 2017
  • "So pleased my daughter took me to see the crematorium first, very taken by it, my late husband was special to me and South Oxfordshire Crematorium & Memorial Park is a special place, very comforting and calming."
    MM, February 2017
  • "Very impressed with the courtesy and efficiency of the service."
    Anon., February 2017
  • "Excellent Service Very pleasant surroundings."
    PG, February 2017
  • "The Facilities Were second to none and albeit a sad time, the decorum and surroundings made the event tranquil and far less stressful than it could have been. Many of the guests have made positive comments about the facilities and services and I extend my gratitude to all those involved."
    AMG, February 2017
  • "I felt the service was wonderful, it was handled with sympathy and kindness and was just right for our needs. I would certainly recommend you to my friends. Many thanks."
    JP, March 2017
  • "The facilities are very clean and tidy, the level of service was very good, we were made aware of the additional services, webcam etc by the Funeral Director but had no need of them. My comments would be that it is a very pleasant venue, the grounds were well kept and looked welcoming with all the spring flowers. The chapel was pleasantly appointed and well decorated and extremely clean - the facilities (ie toilets) were very good indeed. My main comment would be that the South Oxford Crematorium is infinitely preferable to the one at Barton."
    CS, March 2017
  • "The Location was very peaceful and the Crematorium was more comfortable than the one in Headington."
    PB, April 2017
  • "Throughout my time working with South Oxfordshire Crematorium as a funeral director I have found the range and quality of services offered as being of the highest standard. The Crematorium team are to be congratulated for offering a consistently high standards of service coupled with willingness and ability to respond to the special pastoral needs presented to them."
    Philip Sutton, April 2017
  • "I could not have wished for anymore to have been done for myself or my late beloved husband, I can only say a big thank you to the Funeral Director and to Derek the Manager at the Crematorium."
    KC, May 2017
  • "Although it was a very sad day, it was handled with respect, professionalism & kindness. I couldn't have asked for better - thank you!"
    AP, May 2017
  • "The service was excellent and it is indeed a very lovely and special place."
    SB, May 2017
  • "A really nice ceremony lovely surroundings and attentive staff. John would have approved, Thank you."
    LS, June 2017
  • "Having been to your crematorium last year for my Aunts service, I was very impressed and asked our Funeral Director to organise my Mothers cremation to take place there. Like the modern tranquil setting and the hour slot and the tissues."
    JA, June 2017
  • "Monday's service for Dad was brilliant and April was so caring towards mum she read the scene so well, just so caring which was so good for mum, I honestly can't thank her enough, I'm sure I did thank her on the day but in case I didn't then I am now."
    TR, June 2017
  • "Easy location to get to, very pleasant surroundings. Plenty of space outside to gather and exit. Didn't feel rushed. Overall - a very respectful environment. Thank you."
    HG, June 2017
  • "Peaceful and clean surroundings. Makes a traumatic event more bearable, Thank you."
    AV, June 2017
  • "Beautiful grounds and a peaceful location, plus a smooth running service, Very Good."
    Anon., July 2017
  • "South Oxfordshire Crematorium is such a tranquil place and there is time given for reflection nothing is rushed."
    LH, July 2017
  • "Beautiful ground, well-kept and maintained. Calm atmosphere inside and out, comfortable seating, courteous staff, very well organised. Have already recommended this site to others."
    PB, August 2017