The Memoria Personal Image and Lighting Option

We are entering a new age of the bespoke funeral service with families looking at different ways to honour their loved one’s memory in a personal way. We were the first company to introduce the one-hour time slots in 2013 to give families more time to accommodate the celebration of a life while allowing them and friends to arrive and leave without seeing another funeral and thus feeling part of an impersonal conveyor belt.

We did this because we realised that more time was needed for the showing of photographs, the playing of music and the speaking of eulogies – which we had introduced as standard in 2011 with the availability of any music recording, web streaming and photographic eulogy screens so that families could have the opportunity of using these facilities in order to make their attended funeral service a unique celebration of and tribute to a loved life.

While these optional extras remain available in January 2020 we extended this concept by becoming the first crematoria group in the country to offer 1 free of charge projected image of the family’s choice above the catafalque for the whole service with a choice in the colour of the lighting the at the time of the committal.

The selected image is displayed on the wall above the catafalque via a projector. It may be one of the person whose service it is; a family photograph; a favourite place; or more general images such as a football team; a regimental badge; a favourite artist; a charity logo or perhaps the White Cliffs of Dover. The lighting system includes a number of colour selections or plain white is available as the default choice.

For further details please call 01235 867821.