Pre-arranged Funeral Plans

We are able to offer secure and fixed price pre-arrangement plans of low cost direct cremation.

Arranging to have your funeral service at our Memorial Park and Crematorium.

The cost of funeral services continue to increase each year. However, you can now arrange your funeral service in advance at our memorial park and, if contracted now, secure the cost at the price quoted today. This will not only ease the burden of decision upon your family at the time of your death and ensure you get the service of your choice; but will lessen the financial concerns placed upon them too.

Memoria offers a brand new concept in pre-arranged direct cremation plans:

  • A range of direct cremations which are up to £2000 cheaper than traditional funeral costs.
  • This is because Memoria owns its own facilities and can thus guarantee standards and costs
  • Thus we can also cut out unneeded cost without reducing the unrivalled service & facility quality
  • There are no hidden charges
  • The published prices are guaranteed and there is nothing extra to pay
  • However extras can be added if desired at the point of need, but will be charged for.

For complete details of services and prices offered please visit the Affordable Funerals web site:

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